A black and white photo of a bride and groom walking away at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach.

   "These gracious testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to have me at a wedding. Along with the kind remarks about the photos I create, I'm especially proud of the comments that say that I blended in well with the wedding, and that people were unaware of my presence. Read more testimonials on Wedding Wire."                                                                                                                 —Ian

   Ian has a remarkable ability to "see" the spontaneous moments that capture the essence of a wedding. In his own beautiful style he expresses those moments and creates a wonderful narrative that brings it all back to life every time you look at the photos. He's a talented artist and a delight to work with.    

                                    —Anna Hernandez and Michael Vanderbyl

    We were looking for a photographer who understood us and could capture real moments of emotion and connection without being overbearing or intrusive. We were asking for a lot, and Ian truly delivered with stunning results. So many real and fleeting moments that could have gone by without notice were captured for us to cherish forever-my brother's reaction to my untraditional wedding shoes, exchanging a "it's really here" look with my now husband, a group laugh as a friend told a story, a shot of me looking at my father and his best friend through the glass window, and so many more. What I love about Ian's photography is the layers and depth to the photos-there is a story in the foreground and background. His work is real, poignant, and a true art form, so he doesn't have rely on common photography tricks like dutch angles or excessive photo finishing to get excellent results. To top it off, Ian was very professional so we never stressed about the photography before or during the wedding. He really seemed to enjoy his work and had a quiet charm and warmth that made him a pleasure to work with. Ian was one of the best decisions we made around our wedding, in terms of his presence, his process, and his stunning end product.
                                                                                —Kate Berardo

   When my husband and I were planning our wedding, finding a good photographer was our top priority. We wanted someone who would capture the day without intruding upon it. Ian was the perfect choice. I don't even remember seeing him after the ceremony began; yet his photos show that he must have been by our sides constantly. I think he must have an invisibility cloak. Ian captured the "real" moments of our wedding, the genuine happiness, motion and energy. His incredible eye brought out the magic of the day. Although he works alone, he got pictures of everything. I regularly thumb through the album he made for us because when I look at his photos the day comes alive again and I get to see parts that I missed the first time. I can almost hear what our guests are saying to each other in the photos. Before the wedding Ian made time to get to know us and our tastes. He really cared about our wedding, and I got the feeling that it was more than just a job to him. Ian was incredibly easy to work with, prompt, and reliable. He far exceeded our expectations and we are eternally grateful.
                                                                             —Austyn Borjigin

   Ian is the perfect wedding photographer! He is so patient, laid-back, friendly, and easy to be around. He has an amazing eye for composing the perfect picture. My husband is a graphic designer (and deals with beautiful imagery all day long) - he was completely sold on Ian's ability to take magnificent photos! We really wanted wedding photos that captured the day without feeling like they were contrived. Ian said he wanted to tell the story of our day and did just that. He was unobtrusive, yet managed to get photos as if he was right there in the middle of the action. Must be magic! We have framed a bunch of black and white, 8x10 photos from our wedding in our home. We get so many compliments from friends. I smile every time I walk by them. I highly recommend Ian! I can't say enough great things about him. Two pairs of our friends have since used Ian for their weddings since they met him at our wedding and saw our wedding photos.
                                                                                 —Nicole Kahn

   Ian had talked about shadowing us throughout the wedding, but I really had no idea that it was possible for a single photographer to capture as many beautiful moments as he did. His intuition was spot on, it was as if he knew what was going to happen before anyone else did, and was always right there to capture the event--even better than our memory of it. We loved his photojournalistic approach to the wedding. Everyone in the photographs is so natural, so unselfconscious, so spontaneous. Looking through his photographs of our wedding is like reliving the day all over again.

                                                         —Kate Shaw and Dav Rauch

   We opted for a photojournalist style for our wedding, not the traditional portraits. And we were very happy with our photographer, Ian Martin, a very gracious guy who didn't intrude on the day. My husband and I never saw him during the ceremony and he took wonderful pictures without us noticing.
                                                                                   —Julie Absey

   I cannot express my gratitude to you deeply enough. You gave us the ultimate gift by capturing the essence of our wedding day better than we could have ever imagined. It's almost as if you knew exactly how we wanted our day to go, and you tapped into that, capturing it all on film. People only get one wedding day and that is why what you did was so special. Each time we look at the photos, not only do all of the emotions rush back into us, but we are transported back to our wedding. Alexandra and I agreed that yours was the best money spent -- on our entire wedding. But what you brought to our wedding went beyond your photography. I've had at least 15 people come to me and remark at how delightful you were. You added warmth and positiveness to our day. That is something no other vendor did. I will heartily recommend you to all of my friends getting married! You were a true gentleman from beginning to end. You are a gem and Alexandra and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

                                                                                       —Eric Harr

   Ian was amazing!!! He captured every moment of our wedding so perfectly. He managed to be everywhere, with out being noticed. He is a very talented photo journalist. We will forever be grateful to Ian for helping us cherish and remember one of the best days/ times of our life. He was wonderful in every way, professional, creative, flexible, and passionate. You can tell from his work he really loves what he does. Our wedding was a long day for Ian, full of love, fun and laughter. Ian went above and beyond. He was hired to be there from 11am to 9pm. He got there at 10 am and started getting a feel for the place and snapping shots. When 9 o'clock rolled around he came to say good bye my husband and I , but the wedding was still in full swing so he kept taking pictures past his contracted time. He just could not pass on capturing the moment. Ian also made the extra effort to come to our Venue ( Stillwater Overlook in Pebble beach) the day before and get a better feeling for the place since he had never been there before. We ran over plans for the next day. To make him even more amazing, the day before the wedding when he came to the Venue he took some wonderful photos of my Grandfather (who has Alzheimer's and was having a " good day") with the family, since we had no idea what the next day would be like. He took advantage of the moment. We will cherish those photos forever. We were so fortunate to have found Ian to capture our big day. Thanks to Ian we will have fantastic photos to remember our unforgettable wedding day!! Contracting Ian Martin was one of the best things we could have done for our wedding!
                                                                                                                 —Nicole M.

      My family came from Ireland for our wedding, we had only 30 people at The Lodge at Pebble Beach. Ian blended into the small crowd wonderfully. He was a complete gentleman. He had so much respect for me as the bride and my family, he captured every moment of the day without intruding on our space. Our photos are fabulous, a complete treasure for the rest of our lives.

                                                                         —Kathleen Angland







Ian is always happy to discuss his photography and your vision for your wedding celebration. Please call or email with your questions, or to set up an appointment to visit his studio in downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea.